Exceeding Capacity with Samantha Hensel: Episode 5–Dis/association: Performing Identity, Performing Bodies ft. Taylor (T) Shell

On this special episode of Exceeding Capacity, Samantha Hensel opens up an interview and conversation with Taylor (T) Shell. A close friend and colleague, an roommate of Samantha’s, T is a multi-disciplinary artist working within realms of personal trauma, identity and queer subject hood, the body, and more. Through sculptural elements, performative works, and installation based projects, T creates conversations with the viewer, and within this episode about vulnerability, relationship to space and place, and the body under stress and exhaustion. These conversations on today’s episode will shine light upon the stated topics, as well as others involving accessibility, privilege, audience, and dissociation/association within art based in trauma. Exceeding Capacity is honored to have Taylor (T) Shell speaking on the podcast, who will also be completing a thesis for their MA degree this time next year—as well as completing their MFA this year along side host, Samantha Hensel.

Find T Shell and her work at:


and @t_shellarts on instagram

if you’re in the bay area, check out their Final MFA Exhibition opening May 17th, 2019

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Exceeding Capacity with Samantha Hensel is a podcast that dives into the inner landscape of ourselves in a time of obsession of the external reach beyond ourselves. Samantha Hensel, the host and creator seeks to create and continue conversation and ask the questions around this deep inner work through the lens of: art, philosophy, poetry, and storytelling. Frequent guest speakers that include artists and deep thinkers will welcome new perspectives, and expand the breadth of how we think about our inner worlds, as well as how we express our conscious selves through the visual arts, through communication and conversation, and through interaction. Exceeding Capacity seeks to do just that, to open up past the point of what we may thought our minds are capable of containing.