It's Not Hard To Be Soft

The power of softness: a full embrace of all human identity and individuality void of conforming to
social structures of perfection, in direct opposition to the current trend of hate in our high tension,
anger vs. anger approach to problem solving. Through soft sculpture, painting, and performance with
the literal body, I give form to the dualities of surrender and tension, warm feminine energy and cold
apathy—the hard and the soft. Referencing the physical and emotional need to cease the time and
energy wasted on hate and destruction, this work is mindful of the notion that we are all just human,
made of flesh. Simultaneously, when one surrenders to this softness, this strength without projecting
hardness on the outside, one is exposed to vulnerability and pure transparency. My work reflects a
process of creating space for empathy and human individuality through the soft. This current body of
work is very alive, in which it adapts to its surroundings, opening itself to more questioning and
interrogation of its purpose.

Materiality, color, and varying opacities play strong roles in this current body of work, with which I can
lead the viewer to believe the hard is soft or vice versa to allow for thoughtful introspective intrigue
towards the forms. Through the use of rope, hand-dyed fabrics, piped acrylic paint, buckles and vinyl,
the themes of pressure and the access to transparency is intertwined. During this very alive process,
the use of the literal human body, and the written word has been increasingly valued in activating and
interacting with some of the works. With an inviting spirit of kink and touchability, my stuffed objects
invite the viewer to a space of self-reflection, one that intends to interrogate the question of what it
means to be human and aware in present time.